Falkirk – a serene town in Scotland, well known for its musical scene and various festivities but above all for the pleasant natured folks who live here. Welcome to FalkirkMusicScene.co.uk – we are here to help you plan your trip down to the South of Scotland.


Falkirk is quite popular as the hub for budding musicians and bands. Each year sees new bands and artists making it to the live pub scene, while seeded and experienced bands continue to make heads swing in symphony with their music. Walk into any bar or pub, and the chances of finding an artist performing are quite high in Falkirk. No wonder, this town is considered the centre for artistic endeavours. From architecture, to paintings and any kind of art – you will find a lot of it dispersed through the town.

Come enjoy the live music, bands vying for the top spot and national contracts, numerous amazing architectural splendours and myriad activities that the town has to offer. Fair warning though – you may not want to leave this place should you choose to visit!

Corporate client? We welcome you. We’ve played for the motor traders insurance team at One Sure, a true pleasure!

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