Live Music

Want to experience live music Falkirk way? Here’s a list of the top five places to visit for a surreal musical experience from new and experienced artists alike. Please note that the list contains all the best pubs, restaurants and bars with live music from in and around Falkirk.

Behind The Wall

Located on 14 Melville Street, this Pub & Restaurant serves up a decent selection of Mexican grub but is better known for attracting the best artists in town. Slightly on the expensive side of things, visit this restaurant if you wish to enjoy music and its décor while feasting on decent Mexican delights.

Platform 3

You can find Platform 3 on 1a High Street, Linlithgow. This cozy dive bar happens to be ecomonical and has a local atmosphere with regulars and staffs who are very pleasant. A friendly and welcoming atmosphere is accentuated with amazing performances especially on Friday and Saturday nights.

Settle Inn

Word pun aside, this Pub boasts of traditional music sessions in the country with a decent turnout every single time. Add to this, performance poetry sessions and a weekly pub quiz that makes it one of the most popular bars to hop when in Falkirk. You can find this inexpensive hangout on St Marys Wynd, Stirling.


Right on 29 Baker Street, Stirling, Nicky-Tam’s is an affordable pub for live music. Bands play in the evening and it is the perfect time to dive down to the bar.

Ship Inn

Situated in Dunfermline, if you can then do visit this pub for its more traditional environment. The atmosphere is reminiscent of a village pub in terms of size and their selection of spirits and beer is simply gastronomical.

Some more notable mentions include Katie’s Bar, Johnston’s Bar & Bistro and Storm Nightclub. These all happen to be situated right in Falkirk and you need not travel out of town to witness local sensations.

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