The Falkirk Herald has remained the centre stage in Print media. It is the place where you can dig deep on the local music scene. Over the years, it has had plenty of columns dedicated to the local music scene and continues to do so till date.

Then there are plenty of fanzine that once ran. Closer is a popular one that ran in the early 80s. Joe Strummer wrote a story on The Clash for its first edition! Small Wonder another fanzine ran during the late 70s and was owned by Jim Mason. A few more notable mentions include Shboom, Steepletracks, Buzz Factory and Soul Burn. Dis-connected is a present day fanzine that runs till date and is edited by Billy Ross from the local band Buzzbomb. It is free of cost and comes with loads of previews, reviews, interviews and much more – all on the local stage as well as a few signed acts.

On radio, a pirate station run by Lous Nieto during the early 80s called “Radio Woodstock” was quite popular until it was eventually shut down by authorities. Local singer from Pearlfishers, Davie Scott has appeared on many BBC Radio Scotland shows over the last decade. The local FM radio station, Central FM serves Stirling and Falkirk, though it does not do much for the local music scene, opting instead to rely on chart based playlists.

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